Trout Thunder Beast and Not Least Black Label, Chilled of Course

Product Description

Thunder Beast’s Black Label is without a doubt the fanciest root beer in the world. Each bottle comes in recycled wine and champagne bottles with a cork and wire cage covered in gold foil.

The first sniff of Black Label is a hard hitting bouquet of Maple and other herbs. The maple isn’t overwhelming. Its pretty smooth. What both of us were surprised with was the
aftertaste of what I thought was of walnut. Ill have to talk to Stephen about that.


Limit of 2 bottles per order, otherwise additional shipping charges will be applied. However, multiple orders of 2 bottles are allowed.

The cork is most easily removed with a corkscrew.

We can only ship 2 bottles per package (Chocolate Thunder and/or Black Label).  Additional shipping fees will be added in increments of 2 bottles, unless you have a teleportation device compatible with ours (v. 3.4Q protocol). Shipping runs $10 on the East Coast, $12 in the Midwest, and up to $15 out West. Local delivery in DC is $5 per order.

Do it. Get some. Drink Thunder!

via Black Label | Thunder

My wife Meg and I waited until about the 4th inning of the 86th MLB All Star Game. I chilled a couple glass mugs in the freezer and I chilled the Black Label Thunder Beast bottle along
with my other root beer at the bottle of the refrigerator.


I unwrapped the bottle and struggled to get the cork out of the top of the bottle. I went outside just in case the bottle exploded. It did not. Meg was playing World of Warcraft in her study and I arranged the coffee table for our mugs and root beer.


The pizza arrived and we had our chilled maple root beer from Washington D.C. while we watched the American League All Stars take care of the National League All Stars. I texted
my son in Portland as we discussed who would make good New York Yankees, like Posey, or


In my email with Stephen Norberg, the brewer for Thunder Beast, we will be getting a six
pack of Thunder Beast next week. Im excited to see how it looks. I can see Thunder Beast
Root Beer going with a good steak dinner,fruit and dark green lettuce salad with walnuts.

I had finished a bottle of Empire Root Beer from Rhode Island, along with checking reviews
on the internet earlier in the evening. Empire, in comparison to Thunder Beast, is a light root beer with a slight bouquet and little or no aftertaste. Its refreshing. Compared to Thunder Beast, its not much more than soda water and root beer. Thunder Beast is a full maple root beer with a nut aftertaste. Its a gourmet root beer,
set for dinner or lunch. Id compare it to a full red wine after a full meal. Sparky’s is somewhat like Thunder Beast, in complexity. Sparky’s isn’t maple, its honey, along with vanilla and whatever else they could get their hands on. Both are, in my opinion, after dinner drinks. They are not your Barq’s or Mug variety. Im looking forward to my six pack
next week.

Drink Up!

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