Root Beer Float Day: There and Back Again

At 3:01 pm I began my trip to the Oakland A’s Root Beer Float Day event. I got home at
12:21pm. I found out a few things that I will think about for next year’s event, if Im
able to attend again.


The autographs to raise money for the event, and they raised over $37,000 to fight Type 1
Diabetes, that cost over $70, of people like Ronnie Lott and Vida Blue were already sold
before I arrived at 5:30 pm. There were local heroes who were selling their autographs for
$10 each, but the famous autographs were already sold. I will arrive earlier if I want the
more costly autographs.


I had to walk around the entire stadium and walk up the cement ramp for about 300 yards to the second level, so I could pick up my tickets at “will call” and then buy a root beer float. I bought a float for $3 and was given a ticket. I went in and there were scores of booths who had volunteers selling root beer floats. There were booths representing the Oakland Raiders, San Jose Sharks, and rock n’ roll stations. The cable station that shows Stanford and Cal sports events was there, and their celebrities were making root beer floats.


There were cases of Zevia root beer cans piled up next to each booth. I used to sell root beer floats to raise money at Seaside High School to send students to Washington D.C., so
I felt right at home with all these root beer floats everywhere. Since Vida Blue’s autograph wasn’t there for sale anymore, I decided to buy an apron to bring home from the event.
The couple above were willing to sell me an apron for a donation. I was able to bring home a mug and apron from the event. I told them I had a blog and Id attempt to put them on my blog.
It was very kind of them to get an apron for me from some extra aprons laying on the floor behind their booth.


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