Mystery Rare Root Beer of the Central Coast


We have a mystery on the Central Coast. Shhhhh. There is a really good root beer only on the Monterey Peninsula, and BevMo. But it doesn’t advertise how great it is, but pushes its pictures of old automobiles.

I think they go to Starbucks too much and have been overdosing on Jone’s Soda. They push the personal

pictures on the front of their sodas and not the quality of their root beer, which isnt as good as this mystery

root beer. I once called them up and asked them where they made their root beer and they would not tell me.

Sparky’s root beer originated on the Monterey Peninsula. You could write volumes on Sparky’s and how

complex it tastes. They couldn’t figure what direction to go with their root beer so it tossed in vanilla, honey, and sugar cane. But 101 Root Beer is really good, but its hard to find, and it focuses on the cars.

Apparently, its focus group is about my age, 60 years of age, or those of any age or gender who is into classic 50’s cares.

But the taste? Its new advertisement is a new soda flavor, strawberry. Some days its at BevMo’s but somedays it is not! Maybe this isn’t root beer week? Its strawberry week. 101-splash

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