Great Evening of Root Beer and Baseball

There was some overcast and a slight breeze. Thousands of people came to see and A’s play the
Blue Jays. There were also hundreds of root beer floats and hundreds of people walked away with
alot of fun. It was an evening of fun. Seeing firefighters, football players, journalists, and
root beer fans laughing and standing in line to get local sports people’s autographs. All this is in support of ending Type 1 Diabetes.


The fans had a great time during the game. There were root beer floats also being sold
at the ice cream venders. It cost $8.00.


I used my root beer mug and went back up to the coffee vender and bought a large white chocolate Moca and refilled to get me through the cool evening. The dancing in the stands
and overall entertainment, from the fans and the baseball players, along with the root beer
floats made for a great evening.


Young couples let their children wander all of the place, families brought scores of young
boys in Oakland A’s outfits screaming for the A’s to win. The A’s blew the lead in the bottom of the 9th, but they won the game on an infield single in the 10th.


I encourage companies, government agencies, and the media to get a booth next year and
help raise some money for a great cause and get some positive attention. The following
are examples of booths that sold root beer floats. In fact one author had a poster for his
book and some books on display illustrating his subject matter.






This is a root beer float balloon sculptor.


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