Frederick and Root Beer

Meg and I arrived in Frederick, Maryland a couple days ago. I walked over from the Victorian
on Clark Place to the home of the Maryland Keys baseball team. I watched them defeat the
Pelicans, a local Single A professional team 4 to 3, and listen to the fireworks explode in the
late Summer air as I continued to walk back toward downtown.


The night was alive with locals surrounding the rock n’ bands and country singers. Lines of
young people crowded the streets and the bars were full. I walked down Market street looking
for the North Market Pop Shop. The first time I walked by I saw the statue of a ice cream
cone on the street, but only thought it strange to be nice to a bar.

There was a community movie showing on the bank of the canal, across from a wine bar, The
Sandlot, and fireworks exploding overhead. The Civil War Medical Museum was nearby, which
lets visitors know this town of Frederick hosted The Army of the Potomac and the Army of
Northern Viirginia at one point. The city was full of wounded after the Battle of Antietam,
using churches throughout the town. There were lines of young people enjoying their drinks and the evening was full of laughter and song, and not the sounds of cannon and marching
soldier marching off to deaths at Gettysburg or Antietam.

I found the Pop Shop on the way back through town. Its is full of different root beers ranging from California to Washington D.C. I had forgotten to bring my wallet. The woman
at the counter thanked me for being there, and I said in return, “Ill be back.”

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