Wisconsin Dells

“…the flavor is pretty root beer extract-like, by which i mean mostly standard. the sugar level is a little higher than expected but that is just fine. if anything it seems a little watery in flavor yet a little syrupy in sweetness. there is nothing to set this apart from many other sodas. it has … More Wisconsin Dells

Farmer’s Brew

  “Twig’s Beverage Inc. Specializes in Producing the Finest Craft Soda in Old Fashioned Glass Bottles. Our Vision is to Become a Top Tier Soft Drink Manufacturer and Patron Destination that Excels in the Quality and Availability of Our Products. With the Consumer in Mind, We Are Committed to Giving Back to Our Loyal Immediate … More Farmer’s Brew


Anthony’s Ratings “The balance between honey tasting and overly syrupy sweet though is tough line to tread so it is best to just avoid such matters.” So says one of the top rated site for root beer reviews. “Chowning’s Tavern Root Beer evolved from a colonial beer made by boiling the roots of sassafras, dandelion, … More Chowning’s