A Small Mountain Range of Root Beers

Seven cases of Surf City Root Beer
Seven cases of Surf City Root Beer

Mount Virgil’s commands the attention of any resident or visitor to our home. Seven cases of Surf City Root Beer commands attention piled up in the living room. Since there is no Surf City Root Beer in any store within 800 miles of Hollister and its considered one of the best root beers in America is pretty cool. An empty Polar Root Beer bottle clear with the title Polar blue with a white polar bear underneath is pretty nice to see. There is Dang, from Chicago, Appalachian, Harrisburg, Sprecher, Glendale, WI, Virgil, Los Angeles, scattered among Polaroid film flowers, bunches of American flags bound together on a white antique table. There are valleys within our Root Beer Mountain Range with a pile of wedding stuff, red-white-and-blue plates, buckets, and napkins and hand fans.

A six pack of diet IBC, Dallas, sits amoung the grocery bags on the kitchen floor, but a bottle of Henry Weinhard’s sits with Virgils and Surf City on the counter. Over on the oven is a plastic sheet, bought at the Root Beer Store in Washington, with 42 different root beer caps, ranging from Hires to Dublin, Texas, and “Oh Yeh” there is a bottle of

Dublin in the bedroom. Along the back of the oven is a row of empty bottles of Fitz’s, St. Louis, Dr. Brown’s, College Point, NY, and more Surf City. And over in the laundry room are cases of Druther’s Black Cow, Oglesby, Ill., Flashback “Olde Time Soda in red-white-and blue stars and stripes, made in Mukilteo, Washington, dougie, and The Modern Dog Root Beer Butterscotch.

To inspire me I bought, off of Ebay, three “classic” bottles “unopen” Hires Bottle, with a serving plate advertising Hires back when Hires was owned by the Crush soda company. Now its owned by Dr. Pepper/Snapple. After people complained that Hires was almost impossible to buy, its now available on Ebay, at the Root Beer Store, in Washington, and “I think I remember, Amazon.” I’ll probably remember to write about a Soda Law passed under

Jimmy Carter, that allowed a company like Dr. Pepper/Snapple to own IBC, Stewarts, A&W, and Hires. “Oh, and Hanks Root Beer, Philadelphia, is in the case of root beer in the laundry room. One root beer site declares Hanks and

Surf City as the two best root beers in America.

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