Rocket “Dud” Fizz Soda

The Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shops are one stop shops for all of your soda pop and candy cravings. There are thousands of bottled soda pops and candies from all over America, including some from other galaxies. The gigantic selection will launch you back in time to when you were a kid—even if you are over a hundred light years old. And if you are a kid, don’t plan on growing up when you are inside of a Rocket Fizz store. Rocket Fizz is a lot of fun and nostalgic. (




Incline Village is the location given on the soda bottle for the company headquarters responsible for the creation of Chumlee Root Beer. All the Rocket Fizz locations, which are many, Ive visited are in San Luis Obispo, Campbell, and Mountain View, California. Rocket Fizz is a great place to visit and there are “many” choices of soda.


I watched a video by Bob’s Root Beer Review, in which there is a big bang and he tells us his baby has fallen over and the root beer tastes like sarsaparilla. He gave Chumlee Root Beer a 7/10.

It tastes good. My problem is that there is almost no taste at all. I taste maybe a bit of carmel with sugar. It is really smooth and there is no aftertaste. As a soda it is really good. As a root beer it would be between a 6 or 7. Ill be nice and give a 7 along with Bob.

The Root Beer Store description of the root beer has no description of the root beer.

” The Chumlee name was a nickname given to Russell around the age of 12.” (Root Beer Store Website)

His claim to fame is that he was a cast member on the show Pawn Shop. Chumlee is also the name of a fictional character on the animated TV show Tennessee Tuxedo.

Austin Lee “Chumlee” Russell opened up a store called Chumlee’s Candy which has partnered with Rocket Fizz. The root beer is owned by the Rocket Fizz Company and has named this root beer after Austin Russell.



If you are looking for a smooth sugar soda with no aftertaste, this is your soda.


Drink Up!







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