Frost Creek Beverage


“it is rather smooth and has the right amount of carbonation. the taste is a good mix of herbal sassafras, a healthy bit of vanilla and some other herbs.” (Anthony’s Root Beer Barrel)

It is summer in Hollister, California. There is a nice breeze down 4th Street and the sun is out. I thought to myself, “its a good day to try a new root beer.” Each month I buy a new root beer six pack from “The Root Beer Store.” This month its Frost Creek Beverage. There is 170 calories here. That’s a lot. Sodium is 2%.

Ill bring out the “big guns” on this one. Im going to compare Frost Creek with the “granddad” of “all root beers” Hires. They both have 170 calories and Hires has more sodium, 3%. Hires has more carbs, 45g to 44g.

Ironically, Hires is made under the authority of Dr. Pepper’s/Seven Up, Inc., which has its headquarters right down the freeway a few minutes away from Carrollton, Texas. I have to buy Hires through a distributor in Canada. Both have a strong sugary taste. In fact, to me, Frost Creek tastes like the A&W hard candy you can buy in some candy stores. Note: Dr. Pepper’s/Seven Up, Inc. owns A&W too.


“The Body is sweet and rich with creamy vanilla wrapped around a spicy sassafras core. There’s even a hint of wintergreen. The Bite is spicy, buy not too much so. It finishes smooth too, so its about a perfect Bite. The Head is short, unfortunately, and doesn’t last long. But it isn’t too short and doesn’t fizz away to quickly. The Aftertaste is sweet vanilla: lovely, lovely vanilla.”

Eric’s Seal of Approval

Both Eric’s and Anthony’s are great website for root beer reviews. You can’t get a couple better recommendations. They both give this root beer high scores. So I will too. There isn’t the “dust” taste of a natural sugar root beer. This is an old fashioned candy-vanilla root beer.

Drink Up!




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