Isle of Pines Root Beer


Knife Lake, Minnesota

“The Body is sweet and creamy but watered down. There is also a hint of something else in there but I’m not sure what. It is too brief to really catch. There also isn’t much Bite at all, not from spices nor carbonation. I do like it smooth but it’s got to at least be there. The Head is medium height but is gone fast. Make sure not to blink or you might miss it. The brew is nearly flat after that as well. The Aftertaste is fleeting vanilla. It goes far too soon.

This is like the ghost of an excellent root beer. It reminds me of all that is good about a quality brew but isn’t that itself. And like a ghost, it is transparent and quickly fades away. I find it appropriate though, since all that remains of a once amazing and rugged woman is a displaced museum in her honor, that her root beer would be a shadow of a lost former glory. See how this rates against other root beers.”  blog-

Anthony’s Review Webpage gives Dorothy’s Isle of Pines Root Beer 2/5 Ratings


Ely, Minnesota

“When I find a man who can chop more wood, portage hearvier loads or catch more fish

Ill Marry him.” Dorothy Molter


Carbonated Water Sugar Natural and Artificial Flavor Carmel Color Sodium Benzoate

Citric Acid Acacia and Quillaia (which in my opinion helps to give soda a softer taste.)

According to the museum website, this root beer is close to the original w/o pine needles and the unfiltered lake water.


Note: The pictures of Dorothy Molter are taken from the Dorothy Molter Museum website.

Check out


Like many root beers in the United States the story and history involved often is better than the root beer. Apparently it is in this case. The taste is very sweet with what I call a

dusty taste. I used to volunteer in the San Juan Bautista State Park in San Juan Bautista, California. I sold soda at the bar in the historic Saloon. I poured soda into one of the glasses near the window, but didn’t clean out the glass first. So there was dust sitting in the glass I drank. I assumed the cleaners who worked for the state park would clean all the glasses. I was wrong. To me, natural sugar is soda gives a soda this dust taste.

This root beer, as does Goose Lake Root Beer, has a slight taste I call “dust taste.”




Dorothy lived in the BWCAW, or Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and died in 1985. She ran a resort there for years, but Harry Truman had Congress shut the area off from commercial aircraft, cutting her off from her resort customers. She kept living there until she died. She made her own root beer and was known locally as the Root Beer Lady. She lived about 15 miles from any road, according to the museum article I read.

I understand from my research that Dorothy would use A&W syrup with local ingredients from the local grocery store.

For more information call Sarah: 213 365 4461.


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