The “non” Lakefront Brewery Root Beer


“The Lakefront Brewery was started in 1987 by two brothers- Russ and Jim Klisch. The company owes its roots to sibling rivalry, as each of the brothers tried to outdo the other in making a great tasting home-brewed beer.” (



I checked a number of reviews: Londell’s Root Beer, which gave Golden Maple Root Beer (G.M.R.B.) a 3.8 of 12 mugs, or Thirty Dudes who gave G.M.R.B a 3 of 5 bottles, and Anthony’s Root Beer Barrell, one of the most famous root beer reviewers on the internet a score of 95/100.


For one thing The Lakefront Brewery isn’t on any lake, but along the Milwaukee River, down river from Glendale and the Sprecher Brewing Co. Inc., also along the Milwaukee River.


My wife and I had a bottle of Golden Maple Root Beer, chilled for weeks in the refrigerator and it wasn’t bad. The main criticism of G.M.R.B. is its weak taste, and all reviews comment on the unique taste. My wife calls it a “girl’s soda” because its not overwhelming. As the soda warms I can taste a root beer aftertaste, mildly.

The Lakefront Brewery’s Tourism Director, Chris Ranson, the owners wanted to provide something “non-alcoholic.”

“The recipe is made from pure Wisconsin maple syrup, and includes pure cane sugar,

says Ranson, “not high fructose corn syrup, because that’s just gross.”

As Anthony mentioned, it does taste like a combination of ginger ale, maple syrup, and root beer. It taste good.


Drink Up!


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