Root Beer by any Other Name Smells the Same


“The Ipswich Brewing Company was founded by Paul Sylva and Jim Beauvais in 1991. In 2008 the company moved to 2 Brewery Place (Brown Square) in Ipswich, Mass. After facing challenging times, the company was purchased in 1999 by Ipswich Brewery’s Director of Operations Rob Martin.”


Nutrition Facts: 12 fluid Ounces, 160 calories per serving, sugar (42g), sodium (85mg), and total carb (41g).



Ingredients: Carbonated water, Cane Sugar, Natural and Artificial flavor,

Citric Acid, Sodium, Benzoate, Carmel Color, which contains sulfites.

With an upgraded facility in 2015 the Mercury Soda name was retitled to Ipswich Soda. That is why if you check on reviews of Ipswich, the review is generally under the Mercury Soda title.

“The body has a strong, dark sassafras flavor with slight licorice and wintergreen bits coming through. The “bite” isn’t that good. There are not really any spices though the carbonation is at the right level. The “head” (foam) is short and gone fast button one of those two second root beer “heads.” The “aftertaste” is heavy wintergreen with a bit of licorice that lingers too long. Its not really bad; it’s just not really good either.”

Ipswich is what I call complicated. The ingredients don’t seem to match for a smooth drink, such as Hanks, or Bulldog root beers. As the “Eric” review has said above, there is a lot of wintergreen, which makes it taste a bit like a toothpaste taste. There are some good tastes with sassafras and licorice. So as you drink it you go through these good and “odd” tastes until the aftertaste appears.

Would this root beer quench your thirst? Yes, it tastes good, overall.

Drink Up!




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