Wisconsin Dells


“…the flavor is pretty root beer extract-like, by which i mean mostly standard. the sugar level is a little higher than expected but that is just fine. if anything it seems a little watery in flavor yet a little syrupy in sweetness. there is nothing to set this apart from many other sodas. it has a little bit of an herbal touch and a pretty large head, probably due to the sparkling foam content. yet it is enjoyable and i am sure i would drink this if i lived closer just as a standard root beer. when i say that i don’t mean A&W or the like, i mean standard for a micro-brew, which is many steps up from such things. drink it if you are near Wisconsin Dells.
Ingredients:sugar, rootbeer extract (water, caramel color, honey, gum acacia, yucca concentrate, sodium benzoate (preservative) & citric acid), sodium benzoate solution (water, sodium benzoate (preservative)), sparkling foam (water, aqueous extractions of yucca & sodium benzoate (preservative)), citric acid solution (water, citric acid)” Taken from Anthony’s Root Beer Barrell. 


This root beer is a product of Moosejaw Pizza & Dells Brewing Co. Wisconsin Dells is located in central Wisconsin.  Founded by several people in 2002, the Schmitz’s and Waterman’s. Bottling their soda for the first time in 2003, it is located on the third floor above their restaurant. The recipe was created by Jamie Baertsch, who claims to be the “First Brewmaster in Wisconsin.” She’s a member of the Pink Boots Society, an organization made up of women who are important to the brewing industry.


According to Jillian Murphy, Marking Director, “Our Root Beer has the flavor of Sassafras root with supporting flavors of molasses, licorice % wintergreen.”



Wisconsin Dells Root Beer is the Root Beer of the Month for The Root Beer Store.

Drink Up!

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