Farmer’s Brew



“Twig’s Beverage Inc. Specializes in Producing the Finest Craft Soda in Old Fashioned Glass Bottles. Our Vision is to Become a Top Tier Soft Drink Manufacturer and Patron Destination that Excels in the Quality and Availability of Our Products. With the Consumer in Mind, We Are Committed to Giving Back to Our Loyal Immediate and Extended Communities and Connecting Through the Relationships Developed Throughout Family Generations Since the Beginning.”  (Twig’s Beverage Website)


According to the “” website, which is one of the greatest root beer review websites on the internet, this root beer is a tribute to the farmers of the area who had been brewing beer since before WWI.


This is where the Twig’s brewery bought out an old retired brewery building originally owned by local farmers, but went out of business. So this soda company calls it the Farmer’s Brew in tribute to the farmers of the area who attempted to brew beer until Prohibition.


Farmers Brew Butterscotch Root Beer

“This is without a doubt the worst butterscotch root beer Ive had so far.”  (

This comment above is from the Eric’s Root Beer Review site. A root beer lover can not find a better root beer review site on the internet. If you want a great butterscotch root beer you might want to look to Dang Root Beer’s butterscotch flavor. Its also made in Wisconsin, where much of the greatest root beers are made.


Note: The illustrations are from Google and the Twig’s Beverage websites.

To be honest Farmer’s Brew is a bit watery, but its a butterscotch root beer and in this case the butterscotch flavor “overpowers” the root beer flavor. If you want butterscotch soda this is great, but this is a root beer review site. I recommend Farmer’s Brew Butterscotch Root Beer. It tastes good. There are better butterscotch root beers out there.

I think it tastes good and I encourage people who like root beer to drink it.   2 1/2 of 5.

Drink Up!











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