Apothecary Ok Root Beer

The Body is sweet and a little fruity with herbal and vanilla flavors. It’s got a mild Bite but isn’t overly smooth. The Head is nice and tall. It fizzes down a little quicker than I’d prefer but still fine. The Aftertaste is a fruity, herbal, and vanilla. The herbal isn’t the nasty bitter sort, so it’s okay.

This wasn’t really my favorite, but it isn’t bad. It does taste like something an apothecary would mix up from any a different herbs and roots and things. I wish it didn’t have that fruity tinge to it. Even so, it’s still a drinkable brew, just not top tier.



Triple filtered carbonated water, cane sugar, botanical extract blend, natural flavor, caramelized cane sugar, its like its created in a lab.

I enjoyed drinking it. It doesnt stand out like the best root beers, like Hanks or Bulldog. As was said on the gourmetrootbeer blog, “it isnt bad.”

Drink up!

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