Wild Bill’s Northwoods

According to Eric’s Root Beer Blog, “This has a medium Body. There is a nice sweet caramel flavor and some vanilla hints.”


There are two Wild Bill’s Root Beers, so a person who wants to research this root beer will have to research using the title Northwoods. Im not going to talk about the other root beer because Ill have to order it and taste it for a review. This root beer is sold through the Root Beer Store.


There is a “natural” version of this root beer as well.

Wild Bill’s Root Beer tastes really good. Generally, you have several levels of smell and taste to analyze a root beer. The smell isnt a candy smell. Cheap root beers have a smell like hard candy or chewable root beer candy. You can buy both at Rocket Fizz, by the way.

I was not hit with a hard soda water taste. Its smooth, but the syrup seems a bit weak. Wild Bill’s Root Beer tastes like it sat in the refrigerator for a few hours and has lost a bit of its taste. It is a bit bland.

The aftertaste is smooth and not full of chemical tastes, like some.

“Sit Back and Drink It in”

No Gluten . No High Fructose Corn Syrup . No Caffeine

Generally, if there is no corn syrup, the root beer qualifies as a gourmet root beer.

Wild Bill’s has 190 calories. That is alot. Stewart’s has only 110 and tastes as good.

Sodium is low at only 2%. But there is no vitamin value.

Compare that to A&W where there is 3% sodium and only 170 calories. Sugar content is the same.

David – Head Soda Jerk says something about his Wild Bill’s Root Beer.

“When my father moved his family north 30 years ago and put it all on the line to start a soda pop company this Root Beer was the flagship. One sip and you’ll understand why.”

Williamsburg, Michigan 49690

(213) 267-5853

Drink Up!




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