Stubborn Classic Root Beer


“Stubborn Soda is Pepsi’s attempt at a high end/natural version of soda, with a creative edge. They promote natural ingredients, cane sugar, and unique flavor combinations.”

I volunteer with a national park system program named Trails and Rails. At 10:07am in San Jose, the Amtrak Coastal Starlight passenger train #11 is supposed to leave for Los Angeles, through San Luis Obispo. Its already been on the rail since the day before, and unless there is a fire burning down the suburbs of Redding, California, its suppose to arrive in Sacramento, California at about sunrise and later ride through San Jose. We arrive in San Luis Obispo and attempt to ride back on the Coastal Starlight #14. We have a 30 minutes window to ready ourselves for the ride back to San Jose.


Gus’ is a sandwich shop only two blocks from the San Luis Obispo Amtrak station. They sell Stubborn Classic Root Beer. During the Summer the temperatures in San Luis Obispo range from 70-105 in the the afternoons. We are suppose to arrive before 3:00pm and leave at about 3:45pm. Sometimes #14 is waiting outside of town for the #11 to leave San Luis Obispo and pull into the station.

Classic Root Beer

“Rich, Smooth, and Creamy with Earthy Undertones.”

This is advertised on the bottle.

The Anthony’s Root Beer Review talks about how Pepsi bought this little company and named its root beer Stubborn. According to “Anthony’s” Pepsi got caught using sugar beets instead of sugar cane, and this root beer uses stevia to keep the calories down to 100.

Anthony rates it as 62/100 because of the stevia which gives it a “lo cal” soda taste.

I try to keep to a two root beer diet, so this root beer works for me, especially if its 80 degrees, or worse, outside. After a walk of two blocks in the heat its a pretty good root beer.


Drink Up!


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