Anthony’s Ratings

“The balance between honey tasting and overly syrupy sweet though is tough line to tread so it is best to just avoid such matters.”

So says one of the top rated site for root beer reviews.

“Chowning’s Tavern Root Beer evolved from a colonial beer made by boiling the roots of sassafras, dandelion, or licorice to extract their pungent flavors. The brew of 200 years ago was then sweetened and fermented in wooden casks.” Colonial Williamsburg

According to “Anthony’s” it is believed by those on the Anthony’s rating site that the ingredients are the same as Dominion Root Beer.



In Hunington Beach there is a root beer there that is one of the greatest root beers made in American, according to some, and they, for money, change the label to whatever you want. My wife and I had their root beer label say our names for our wedding three years ago.

It appears the same has happened here. It seems that Dominion Root Beer has allowed Chowning’s Tavern to sell Dominion Root Beer with the Chowning’s Tavern label.


The Soda Jerk

“Chowning’s Tavern root beer is consumable.”

Ive mentioned before that there seems to be two schools of thought about root beer: syrupy and intense carbonation. My information and experience seems to say that historically root beer is syrupy, and I tend to be on the side of history.



There are some root beers that balance the two: Bull Dog and Hank’s for example. This root beer is syrupy. You can taste the raw honey and licorice. Chowning’s Tavern Root Beer would be great with Old Fashion Ice Cream.

Drink Up!



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