“It does what its supposed to do and does it well.”   thirty

Rated 3/5



Found at fine 7-Elevens near you.

According to the bottle, its made in the U.S.A.  Though its website for the company that helps distribute the soda is which is found on the Virgin Islands, British, and its information on its bottle is in French and English.

It is hard to find information about this root beer. I acquired it through the Root Beer Store. The rocksteadysodas website isnt a year old, according to website,

Even the Anthony Root Beer Review website, promoted by the New York Times, no lease, doesnt have a review of this root beer.



This root beer “has” valor nutritive such as sodium 2% and carbohydrates 15%. It says that it doesnt have significant amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C or iron. It implies it has vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. But it doesnt say it has any vitamins at all. So there you go.


It can be bought at some Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shops. Which means if you live in Mountain View, Campbell, and San Luis Obispo, California you have a chance to buy this soda.

You could look up Moneybag soda to buy it from the Gene Simmons Moneybag website.

It is refreshing. It has a strong wintergreen taste. And you can get remboursement in Quebec, Canada.

Drink Up!




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