Oak Creek Blonde


“Blonde Barrel Aged Root Beer showcases the mastery of the barrel aging process. The rich & velvety root beer varietal starts like a decadent cream soda and finishes with the spice of vintage root beer.”  label

OakCreek BarrelAgedSodas.com


I looked through the website for Oak Creek Root Beer, and I could not find out where it is made. Apparently the makers recently sent several barrels out to a festival in Colorado.

I talked to James Akers at 1 (847) 224 0778.

From my research the only Oak Creek Brewery I could find is in Arizona. So I asked James where the soda is made and its made in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. My wife and I love Wisconsin. In fact a couple years ago I drove through Oak Creek to visit the Sprechers Root Beer plant. And a local distributor called Energy Source in Gilroy, California has Sprechers. Ive been trying to buy root beer for our local state history park in San Juan Bautista. Apparently Oak Creek is located along Lake Michigan south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. So I talked to James about driving up to visit the Sprechers plant.


I got a case of Blonde Barrel Aged Root Beer from the Root Beer Store yesterday, so I pulled out one bottle and chilled it in the refrigerator for a day. From the looks, Id guess its apple juice. According to James they have been developing this root beer for several years. James says the root beer has been in distribution for only three months. I couldn’t even find a review online about this “Blonde” root beer. This might be one of the first.

Its 150 calories, made with 25% brown sugar and 75% real sugar.

“On the nose, oak’s primary influences tend to accentuate aromas that center around the spice rack, with Madagascar vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and “all-spice being common aromas derived from time spent in oak.”  official website

Myers Avenue Red also has cinnamon, made by the Cripple Creek Brewing Company.

This root beer is soooo smooth! It is recommended to pour this root beer over cinnamon ice cream. That would be really rich.


I highly recommend this root beer. Many new root beers have too much soda water.

According to the official website this root beer sits in oak barrels for month before distribution. This plus the vanilla, brown sugar, and cinnamon gives this root beer a really nice smooth taste.

Drink Up!





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