Olde Rhode Island


Olde Rhode Island Molasses Root Beer, made from an Old New England Recipe, is a bit complicated, but is a good soda. Olde Rhode Island is a soda with licorice, molasses, and wintergreen. One of the first thoughts I had was of an old home with long dusty drapery.



When researching this root beer I checked out three different review sites.

Gourmet Root Beer. Com

“The body of this root beer is dark and rich, I like it.”

When chilled, the first 10 minutes are fine. Afterwards, you can taste something like cardboard. This is a complicated soda, in that you can taste several items and they dont mesh together, unless the soda is very cold. Im not a big fan of molasses or wintergreen.

The molasses isnt as strong as Thunder Beast Root Beer, which to me is a good thing. Olde Rhode Island can use some more honey to overcome the dusty wintergreen oddness. This soda tastes like a molasses Thomas Kemper, lacking honey.

Weird Soda Review

“Thicker than most root beers, kind of bright and biting.”

It is a toss up in regards to “thicker than most root beers.” Many of the new sodas made today are very bubbly and syrup is pretty much ignored. Mug Root Beer is “thicker” as is Hanks and Bulldog. They are all in the top root beers made in the United States. If brightness is noticeable, this root beer is unique in that there are three or four distinct tastes together, where most root beers dont have or have been avoided. It is biting.

The Soda Jerks. Net

“Wintergreen and molasses are the dominant flavors here with wintergreen taking the lead.”

I agree with this review. Ive read other reviews where licorice is mentioned. The molasses is mellow. I think that is good. I enjoy the more carmel taste of Mug. The aftertaste is kind of like medicine. That is a Birch Beer taste.



In conclusion, is this a good soda. Yes, it is a soda that has some good tastes and could quench a thirst on a hot day. This is very important. It would go well with ice cream.

Is it a great root beer? No, its an average and odd root beer. It isnt in a league with the great root beers made today. Some of them are mentioned above. Root beers historically are regional sodas, and this is a good regional root beer for New England. I like that.

Here is California, where we have loads of vanilla, honey, and licorice we enjoy Henry Weinhardt’s, Thomas Kemper, Bulldog, or So Dah! Original root beers from California such as A&W, Mug, Virgil’s, Bulldog and D n A root beers are syrupy. I like it that way.

Drink Up!

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