Boston Tower Root Beer Returns

Boston Tower Root Beer was originally bottled and distributed by Prospect Hill Bottling and Water Co. It was established in Somerville, MA., in 1914.


Here are a few reviews. The highest of these reviews gives the root beer a 6/10 score. In my book a 6 is a D grade. I’m not sure how a D root beer has a pleasant taste, but it could be like Swamp Pop Root Beer. It is a great cola soda. But it is supposed to be a root beer.

Londell’s Root Beer Reviews

“I would compare it to a very sweet flat and soda.”

Cosmo’s Root Beer Reviews

“… has good carbonation and a pleasant taste, and therefore is easily deserving of a 6.”

Sodapop Reviews

“It has some kind of weird copper, or iron, or some kind of metallic after taste.”


The best description for me of Boston Tower Root Beer is “toothpaste.”

I have a great appreciate for someone who decides to bring back a family root beer.

Larry Cusalito brought back his family recipe after a 30 year absence. That is great!


From the 60’s through the late 90’s root beers often tasted like toothpaste. Root Beers had a lot of wintergreen. Soda makers use other ingredients often today to avoid the toothpaste taste. If you like toothpaste soda, this is a great soda.

Drink Up!




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