Myers Avenue Red Root Beer and the Black Cow

Londell’s Root Beer Reviews

“Overall, the flavors are unique but do not blend well. This is more a unique soda then a root beer.”

There is a “very” long history of this root beer, the history of Cripple Creek, Colorado and the Black Cow makes this a unique soda. There is a strong American history connection with this root beer. A man leaves Chicago for Colorado, the “red light” district of a mining town and invents the Root Beer Float.



I have to admit I was a bit afraid to drink this root beer. The reviews are very harsh. The first smell is a strong but smooth



As I suspected its more a birch beer than a root beer. Root Beer begins to separate in taste as it warms to the temperature of the room or outdoors. There are scores of herbs and such in a root beer, and to make a great root beer it has to mesh well.

Myers Avenue Red Root Beer begins in Cripple Creek, Colorado and today it is made in Naperville, Illinois.

Here are a  couple reviews.

Root Beer Reviews for the Rest of Us by Mr. C.

“The molasses leaves an odd aftertaste that is both medicinal and a bit bitter.”

The Root Beer Store

“We believe that he (Uncle Frank) met a salesman for Hires Root Beer extract…”

Hires Root Beer was sold as a mixture of ingredients in bags since the creation of the company in 1876. As the years went on Hires was sold as a liquid in a bottle. It is still sold in liquid as an extract. Hires was sold in bottles by 1893. It was sold at the Columbian Expo in Chicago.


So you have a businessman from Chicago buying Hires extract and mixing it with Cinnamon. Myers Avenue also has maple added. Thunder Beast Root Beer made near Washington D.C. today has maple.

I like the aftertaste. It is odd. I like it. Today the “thing” is to take strong soda taste and mix it with Wintergreen and scores of ingredients and call it root beer.  Apparently, its core was Hires Root Beer. There is a local Cow Mountain near Cripple Creek, Colorado, so when Uncle Frank, the inventor of Myers Avenue Red Root Beer, added ice cream scoops he claims to have invented the first recorded Root Beer Float.

As the root beer bottle warms it gets bitter. Keep it chilled cold.


Naperville, Illinois

It might be a low score as a root beer because of its Birch taste, but its not a failure by any means. Its fun!

Drink Up!



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