The Conner family has continued a time honored tradition that dates back to the Civil War.  From the landmark Conner Bottling Works, in Newfields, New Hampshire, the Conner Family has for the past five generations been producing and bottling “Squamscot Old Fashioned Beverages”. Known more commonly today as a tonic or soda, the many flavors of Squamscot Beverages has been quenching the thirst of New Englander’s for more than one hundred and forty one years.

Squamscot Website


Made in New Hampshire, and established in 1863, Squamscot Beverages is a family owned business. They began to make root beer soda in the late 1800’s. Their motto is, “Experience the Past… One Sip at a Time.” Advertised as “lightly carbonated” with Cane Sugar and Oil of Cloves, Squamscot root beer doesnt have a “heavy” root beer taste or overwhelm you with soda water.


Tom Conner, who is the current owner.

I researched three root beer reviews on the internet. It usually is given a 7/10 score. I can
taste carmel and sugar along with “aromatics” which gives this soda a good root beer taste, though a bit weak.



Squamscot root beer is a good root beer. It would be nice to have a stronger “root beer” taste, but its not flat or distasteful. I would probably give it a 8/10 score because it has cane sugar and not corn syrup. Its uniqueness is in its long family ownership and the odd bottle machine, Dixie,  the Conner Bottling Works has used since 1938.

Drink Up!



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