Rioja Root Beer a Tea


Black Bai Rioja Root Beer

By Ilene Dube

GOT RELIGION? Bai beverage founder Ben Weiss treats his brand like one. A shrine to Bai brand illuminates a niche just outside Weiss’s office. Encased in glass is the Book of Bai, “containing company secrets,” he says, “and a cryptic code for the civet cat.” Every year, the company elects its top five people. Five flags featuring their faces hang from the ceiling. “It’s all about the process of inspiring greatness in other people,” says Weiss, named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 by the Princeton Chamber of Commerce. The five qualities the five possess: “They are audacious, authentic, tenacious, obsessive and great.”

This is an article from Princeton University paper.

Black Bai Rioja Root Beer is made in Princeton, New Jersey.

Ive had to wait to drink this root beer, because I “give up” root beer for Lent. Traditionally, I wait to 12:01am on Easter morning, and open a can of Hires Root Beer.

And I did. It was very good. I like to use Hires as a “ruler” to measure another root beers I taste, comparing it to the first root beer I ever had, and which was the most popular root beer throughout my youth.

Chilling for two months in the refrigerator, I opened up the Black Bai Rioja Root Beer and checked the fizz, as well the smell. It has a strong “traditional” root beer smell. After a few tastes you can tell its like a green tea and soda water, along with a root beer mixture added. A couple reviewers on You Tube thought it tastes “at first” like A&W Root Beer. There are three phases to this root beer’s taste: fizzy, root beer aftertaste and then a lingering green tea taste. Bai Root Beer supposedly has some caffeine as well. This is an energy-root beer-tea drink.



Its a bit watery, being a tea. It has the bubbles that can quench a thirst. That makes for a successful soda. It has sort of a chemical root beer taste. Using a railroad illustration, the engine is the soda taste and the root beer is in the back with a green tea car added.

I like it. Black Bai Rioja Root Beer is sold at Walmart.

Drink Up!



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