III Dachshunds Root Beer and The Root Beer Store.


This blog entry is about III Dachshunds Root Beer, but its also about The Root Beer Store. They closed down the stores in Washington and moved to Idaho. Its so sad that root beer failed in stores dedicated to only root beer. Root Beer is still around and going strong. I understand there are at least 350 root beers being sold in stores or on the internet throughout the United States. So after letting out my frustration and my feelings of sadness with The Root Beer Store, I will go on with III Dachshunds Root Beer.


Located in Cudahy, Wisconsin, and founded in 2003 by Joseph Halser IV, the company started out in the City Lounge. Apparently, craft brews, apparel, and other merchandise, as well as root beer, are still being sold there today.


Wisconsin is home to some great root beer, and III Dachshunds Root Beer is no different. The name comes from the three dachshund dogs the founder and his wife adopted from the local animal shelter. The names of the dogs are: Lillie, Otto, and Sophie.

Halser attended a local event called “weiner-dog” races, and after this event he got the idea of a beverage that would be popular with children and families. He would occasionally show up at events, his root beer in the trunk of his car. Halser is happy that he doesnt use popular people to advertise his product, and his dogs are

“doing a pretty good job all by themselves.”

(Sources: onmilwaukee.com, article by Julie Lawrence, Yelp photo by Jasmine F., and company’s website, and an interview of Joseph Halser IV)


Drink Up!

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