Brigham’s Brew Rare


Park City, Utah, is a resort town where Greg Schirf arrived from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Apparently, Greg had to go to the Utah State Legislature to have a law

passed so he could run a brewery in the state of Utah. Naming the brewery after himself didnt work, so he named it after the nearby mountains, Wasatch. Knowing that Mormans are generally not going to support the drinking of beer,  Greg decided to make root beer, and name it after Brigham Young.


My Root Beer of the Month Club root beer has arrived, and its Brigham’s Brew. If you go to the Eric or Anthony root beer review websites, you’ll see a split vote. Eric seems to think its pretty good, but Anthony makes an issue of the “font” on the bottle and the colors used to sell the drink. The honey in the root beer could taste stronger.

Ok, here we go, I’ll take a drink.

Carbonated water, cane sugar, maltodextrin, artificial flavor, vanilla extract, honey, Yucca extract, and sodium benzoate, comes together to me like wintergreen. In fact it tastes a bit like birch beer, which to me is like medicine. My experience is that the Yucca extract helps to mellow the taste of root beer.

If this is a root beer, its a fairly smooth odd tasting root beer. If its a birch beer, its really good. There is a sort of “chemical” after taste, probably from the “artificial” flavor. All in all, on a hot day this cold soda will work.

Drink Up!

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