Peace Tree Root Beer for Christmas 2017

It has a full and rich body with dark rooty flavor accented by a little bit of vanilla. It isn’t a creamy vanilla. The Bite is sort of a baking soda-ish, sour burn which I don’t enjoy at all. The Head is tall and sudsy with decent staying power. The Aftertaste is sassafras and vanilla. Pretty good, but the strange Bite kind of ruins it for me.

Eric’s Gourmet Root Beer



This brewery, according to its owners, is part of only 2% of breweries owned by a woman. Megan McKay from Knoxville, Iowa, started her business in a building once used to sell Nash Ramblers as a dealership.

Peace Tree Brewery now has three locations in Central Iowa.



Hannah Vander Veer, the brewery’s marketing associate, states that this a family brewery, in that they allow minors into the tap room, and sell root beer to the minors.

The name Peace Tree is taken from the local Sycamore tree near Rock Rock Lake. It is believed to be over 400 years old. The locals decided to flood the area by creating a lake around the 400 year old tree. Only the top of the tree appears above the crest of the lake.

Native Americans and traders hundreds of years age met and traded goods around this tree which is submerged below the lake.


I like to buy root beer from the Root Beer Store from the state of Washington. Each month I get a five pack of root beer with a can of Hires. My two sons still live in California, so I usually give them a six pack of root beers for Christmas. This year its Peace Tree. I sent my daughter root beer straight from the Root Beer Store to her in Louisiana, Swamp Pop.

The makers of Peace Tree Root Beer hope people will “sort of” sit under this submerged gathering tree and enjoy their root beer. This year my family will sit under the Christmas tree and have a root beer. Its not the first time.


Drink Up!






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