Premium Fitz’s Root Beer

Fitz’s Root Beer is a great root beer. It arrived to my home from Washington with my monthly order from the Root Beer Store.

Fitz’s root beer orginates from Fitz’s American Grill & Bottling Works in 1947. There was a local drive-in restaurant serving draft root beer, and fast food. It closed down in 1970.



Reopening in 1993, Fitz’s Root Beer is located in the Delmar Loop of University City, near Washington University. This is a neighborhood near St. Louis, Missouri.


Equipment dating back to the 1940’s was found in Shawano, Wisconsin, and is today used to bottle Fitz Root Beer. The current owner Michael Alter remodeled the current building dating back to the late 20’s. It is reported that Fitz can put out one  bottle of soda each second.


Alter and Gorczyca here are working together to bottle “Hard” Root Beer. It is bottled at Gorczyca’s brewery. Im not supporting this drink. This is the best picture of Michael Alter that I could find. I do not promote or like, “Hard” Root Beers. I feel root beer should be left as soda.


Fitz’s Root Beer is a “vanilla” root beer with sugar cane. In its ingredients it says “vanillin”. This may be a “form” of vanilla. Bulldog is the best vanilla root beer in the United States, in my opinion. But this is a very good root beer. I like syrup taste over strong soda water, which seems to be one of two schools of thought in root beer: soda water vs. syrup. I strongly recommend this root beer.

Drink Up!

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