Los Angeles and Root Beer

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Driving north on Hwy 15 from Temecula turn west on Hwy 91 to Los Angeles. This is the home of Reeds, Inc.

This company makes Virgil’s Root Beer and Bavarian Nutmeg Root Beer. This root beer has won numerous


Eric’s Root Beer Review says its a “bad” root beer. He doesnt think root beer should have licorice as a root beer flavor. The root beer is missing sassafrass.


Sassafrass has been discovered to have an element used for the illegal drug ecstasy. Sassafrass has to go through

a complicated process of steaming out the oils that make it it safe for soda use.


Sassafrass used for soda today is often a mixture of wintergreen and “herbs” that may not have any sassafrass in the soda, but its called sassafrass or

sassparilla. This is probably why sarsaparilla is ignored altogether in this soda.

I like it a lot. It is a gourmet drink. Its not your “father’s root beer”, but an unique taste. Root Beer is a “small beer” soda. Small beers are a mixture of herbs.

It is possible to find sassafrass-like tastes without sassafrass.



Chilled this is a great root beer.


Drink up!


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