DnA Root Beer Temecula


Yum! The Body has a nice honey with creamy vanilla and spices. The sassafras flavor is pretty light, and it almost borders being watered down. There is a very good Bite, with the main spice cinnamon I think. There’s a good kick but not too much. The Head is solid. It is several inches tall and very frothy. The Aftertaste is very nice cinnamon and honey, with the slightest hint of vanilla. Yet, it is light and vanishes quickly. This is really good, it could be better, but it’s good enough. (Eric’s Root Beer Review)

Leaving Pheonix on a very hot day. Its been over 100

degrees throughout Southern California. The Root Beer Truckster is on its way to Temecula, California. This is DnA Root Beer. Heading out of Arizona to California, some 4 hours and 55 minutes, according to Google.

Im heading out West on Hwy 10 and then south to Temecula, California on Hwy 15.


DnA Root Beer is a Honey/Vanilla Root Beer. It is hard to beat a good root beer with honey and vanilla. Spice Cinnamon give this root beer a “bite.”


My wife and I attended a Civil War conference in Temecula in the past. In fact the headquarters is only a few blocks from where we had our conference. How did I drive by and miss this? Well, this building as been closed down because of mold, so it wasnt open. I feel better now.



I can buy DnA at the Cost Plus World Market in San Jose.


DnA in Temecula, California, made by the Old Town Root Beer Company, has a good unique taste. Have fun buying a good root beer.


Drink Up!

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