Canteen Brewhouse Root Beer

story about the business atmosphere in Nob Hill
rer020715h/Arts/02.06/.2015/Roberto E. Rosales The Canteen Brewhouse can now fill A 32 oz can with your favorite beer to go. This doesn’t exactly replace the growlers but it’s a great alternative. Albuquerque, New Mexico(Roberto E. Rosales/Albuquerque Journal)

Getting into the Root Beer Truckster in Dublin, Texas on a hot and humid day, I head west on Texas Highway #6.



When connecting to Hwy #20 I head west again to Big Spring, Texas and head northward on Hwy #87 to Lubbeck, Texas and the highway becomes #27 all the way to Amarillo, Texas, and I head w

est yet again on Hwy #40 to Albuquerque, New Mexico.



The Canteen Brewhouse is a good place to go for a locally brewed root beer. Apparently, it is only sold at the Brewhouse. I dont see where it is sold anywhere else.

It has been called “remarkable” and “excellent” on two of several reviews on the Canteen. The Canteen has some pretty good Mexican food and cheese burgers as well.



Drink Up!

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