Dublin Texas Root Beer

I first heard of Dublin Root Beer from a guy I meet in Salinas, California. I talked about my root beer blog, and we were talking about alternatives to beer and the like.



The only negative about his root beer Ive read or heard is its being a “basic” root beer. What is wrong with that?

Driving down from Plano, Texas through Dallas on Hwy 75. The Root Beer Trickster rides along on a hot Summer day. Driving through Dallas on July 4th weekend is a great time to travel. This is a great root beer city and it promotes soda. This is very nice. You have IBC Root Beer, as well as Stewart’s and Hires.  Im heading south of Dallas, taking Hwy 30 West to Hwy 377 in Forth Worth. Driving South to Dublin from Forth Worth I finally arrive in Dublin.


Apparently, the plant which creates Dublin Root Beer had their own version of Dr. Pepper (with Pure Sugar Cane) which was eventually sued by the Dr. Pepper with corn syrup. Corn defeated sugar cane in the courts.

This is a solid root beer. Its aftertaste is known for a nice vanilla taste with a solid soda taste to quench your thirst. The town is full of museums in the heart of Texas.

Ive not seen Dublin Root Beer locally in California, so Ive had to buy in from the Dublin website. It is really good.


Drive Up!


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