The Barq’s is Equal to its Bite

0004900002415_AWell, it’s a muggy day as the Root Beer Truckster is unloaded from the Amtrak “Car-Train.” Passengers can ride along in comfort as their cars are stacked up and pulled for hundred’s of miles from Washington D.C. to Sanford, Florida.

I have a drive from Sanford, Florida to Biloxi, Mississippi. It is over 550 miles and over 9 hours of driving the Truckster. I’ll take First Street from the station to Hwy 4 (South) to the Florida Turnpike (North). I will drive North on Florida Hwy 75 to Hwy 10 west of Jacksonville.


Barq’s is a very popular root beer. Coke’s official root beer, it tastes like a root beer-coke. There are some of those around. It has a good bite with it’s taste. If you are

thirsty, it gets the job done. After staying a few days in Mississippi, I will continue to Louisiana to drink another

root beer-coke.Gary-Schneider-Family-Truckster



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