Hank’s is the Best

2536Hanks Root Beer was successfully introduced to Philadelphia and the surrounding areas in 1996. Demand for Hank’s steadily increased, and today the Hank’s Beverage Company offers a full line of premium soft drinks available across the U.S. and in select overseas markets. (Hanks beverages.net)

Driving down from Boston “in the snow”, since its Winter and Im driving my virtual Root Beer Truckster from California to the East Coast and back to find and write about root beer along the way, I take Hwy 84 along the New England coast to Hwy 95, which continues through to Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

Im now talking about Hank’s Root Beer, which is the best in the United States. It has a great flavor. Its not just full of soda water and some bag of ingredients to sell at Walmart. You have to go to BevMo in California to buy it. This is a gourmet root beer.


Hires Root Beer started in Philadelphia, so its only right that the best root beer is still in Philadelphia, and that is Hank’s.


Order online or find BevMo’s on the West Coast. If you live in Philadelphia Im sure it is around somewhere.

Buy a six pack or more and take it home. Chill it and have it for dinner or whenever. Hank’s is the best.

Drink Up!

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