Sioux City, Queens

Crossing over the Brooklyn Bridge to Queens you enter Sioux City Country. This is a solid root beer, which I sell at the San Juan Bautista, California History Park.


Sioux City Root Beer – Another Sioux City flavor in a cool embossed brown bottle. The label on this one features a cowboy relaxing in a tavern with a frothy mug of root brew. Our taste testers’ comments: “A good solid beverage.” “A nice flavor, but it didn’t really grab me from the first sip. I grew into its flavor.” “Sweet and smooth. Could use a little more punch. Has a little aftertaste but initial taste is pleasant.” “Too sweet and gooey for me, but it has a distinctive ‘root beer’ taste.” –

I volunteer as a docent in California and this is our “flagship” root beer for our history park. It has a solid taste.


There seems to be a difference between East Coast and West Coast taste. Maple taste and overwhelming soda taste “with a bight” is more of an Eastern taste. In the West, sweet strong

root beer taste is more popular. Goose Island, though Ive seen it sold at Target, isn’t generally

going to sell well on the West Coast, in my opinion. Sioux City does have a strong soda taste, which is the taste of the “new generation.” Hire Root Beer, which is missing a strong “soda” taste is more syrupy than Sioux City, but its a “classic” root beer taste. Sioux City works, because of its good taste and “bite” to its taste. There is no “bad” chemical “aftertaste” that some poor root beers have, like Goose Island.


Drink Up!





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