Craft Soda | Appalachian Brewing Company

Appalachian Root Beer is a very popular root beer from Pittsburg to Washington D.C. and as south as Virginia. It dominates this area of the Eastern Coast.


Driving east on Interstate Hwy 70 through Eastern Ohio and into Pennsylvania, the Root Beer Truckster passes over the Monongahela River
at North Belle River. In a few minutes we are passing over the Younhioheny River and head north on Hwy 76 at New Stanton, Pennsylvania.


You can buy this root beer at the Root Beer Store. Its a good root beer.
It has pure can sugar and honey. It is pretty smooth with some bite to
it from soda. On a muggy day in Harrisburg, its going to take an edge off
of the heat and humidity, which can be pretty bad back East.

Appalachian Root Beer

Available in Draft & Bottles – 24/12oz per case Our original Root Beer is brewed with pure cane sugar, a touch of vanilla and a delightful blend of honey. Truly tastes like old fashioned, home made root beer thanks to wholesome ingredients. Appalachian

via Craft Soda | Appalachian Brewing Company.


Buy a six pack of Appalachian Root Beer and drink it “chilled” along with
dinner or for breakfast, which Im known to do now and again. Next, we will be heading north to try out some New York Root Beers.

Drink Up!

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