Owensboro, KY – World's Largest Sassafras Tree

We get into our Root Beer Truckster and drive south on Hwy 132 from Jasper, Indiana and cross the Ohio River. A few miles west on Hwy 60 and
you are at Owensboro, Kentucky, home of the “then” largest sassafras tree in the world. A woman is said to have saved the tree from a bulldozer with a shotgun. In 1957 the widening Frederica Stree near the city library caused a set of bulldozers to go after the tree, but Grace Rash held off
the bulldozers until the governor agreed to save the tree and but a wall around the tree.

KYOWEsassafras_mcalevyThe most famous person to have walked under the shadow of this tree would have been a young actor by the name of Johnny Depp, or Michael Waltrip, who would have driven his car nearby on his way to a NASCAR race.


World’s Largest Sassafras Tree
With a circumference of 21 feet, the world’s largest sassafras tree is thought to be between 250 and 300 years old. The tree measures over 100 feet tall. A few other sassafras trees are 60 feet or taller, but the average sassafras is 30 to 50 feet tall.

The champion sassafras was threatened by the widening of a highway in 1957. But when the bulldozers came, owner Grace Rash was waiting with her shotgun. She held them off at gunpoint until a call to the governor resulted in the building of a retaining wall to protect the tree.

[Amy Murphy, 04/09/2007]
World’s Largest Sassafras Tree
On the main street (Frederica) of town, there is the largest known sassafras tree in the world. It’s thought to be between 250-300 years old.

[Sally Brannen, 11/12/2005]
World’s Largest Sassafras Tree
Owensboro is the home of the World’s largest living sassafras tree. A simple marker tells the story.

[Laura, 07/22/2003]

via Owensboro, KY – World's Largest Sassafras Tree.

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