Dad’s of the Old Northwest


Driving south through the heart of Ohio to Lexington on Hwy 75 we drive west for a few hundred miles on Hwy 64 past Ferdinand, Indiana and take Hwy 231 to the city of Jasper, Indiana.


By the 1980’s Coca-Cola sold Dad’s Root Beer. The Monarch Soda Company had bought out the Dad’s Root Beer Company and its rights by the 1970’s. Today Coca-Cola sells Barq’s Root Beer. Originally, Dad’s was sold out of Chicago.

I say this only to lead to my enjoyment of Dad’s because I remember buying it in Los Angeles as a kid. We drove down to LA to see my Uncle Carman. So I’ve always connected Dad’s with my uncle. I assumed Dad’s was a California root beer. It is not. It was sold out of Atlanta for awhile, but its back in the Old Northwest now.

My wife Meg enjoys Dad’s Diet Root Beer. We buy it at the World Market in
San Jose, California.

Dad’s unique and delicious flavor earned a loyal following. The Dad’s Root Beer brand was famous throughout the Midwest and by the late 1940s, was one of the most consumed brands of root beer throughout the United States. Jules Klapman, son of co-founder Ely, successfully took the Dad’s brand international. The name Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer was selected in honor of Ely Klapman’s father, and other fathers, who used to make root beer at home for their families (popular in the early 20th Century).

via Dad's Root Beer | History.

Dad’s is not an “A” root beer, because it is not gourmet. Its up there with Barq’s, Mug, and A&W. It is a solid root beer great chilled and drunk
out of the bottle or with ice cream.

Drink Up!

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