Berghoff in Chicago

Heading back into Chicago to a restaurant named Berghoff you will find Berghoff Root Beer. Made in Monroe, Wisconsin, it is sold in their own
restaurant in downtown Chicago. Its a short walk from the railroad station and across the Chicago River.


Ive got a chilled bottle of Berghoff right here next to me. Its refreshing with a good bite to it. My son Timothy and I once walked into their restaurant after a night on the train from Manhattan back in 2008. Sear’s Tower was located nearby. I taste a bit of wintergreen and a good cane sugar sweetness.


Berghoff Famous Root Beer has a bit of a licorice taste to it which might be off putting to some, but licorice is nowhere to be found in the makeup of this soda. Taste wise, aside from the faux licorice, this is most similar to Barq’s when compared to the big three and the aftertaste is as dirty as 7th grade limerick. I really can’t seem to get over the lack of carbonation I’m experience (or not experiencing) here. Honestly I don’t feel that Berghoff is any better than A&W or Barq’s Root Beer…

Berghoff isnt considered one of America’s best root beers. Its right up there with Mugs, Barq’s and A & W. Gourmet ingredients are missing, unless you count sugar cane, instead of corn syrup.


Erik’s Root Beer Reviews does not give Berghoff a good review. The lack of foam and carbonation gives it a low review. It is not a Hanks or Bulldog.
The internet site “soda” doesnt care for Mug Root Beer, when it is one of the greatest of the “non” gourmet root beers in America. I like a smooth root beer that doesn’t knock you down with a wave of carbonation.


Berghoff is a good “B” root beer in my book. I dont think its an “A” root beer like Hanks, Bulldog, or Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg Virgil’s Micro Brewed. So what! It is a solid root beer.

Drink Up!

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