Rocky Mountain “High” Root Beer

Heading east to Jackson, Wyoming, our Root Beer Truckster travels south to
Rock Springs and heads east again on Hwy 80. We are driving south into
Colorado to take on Rocky Mountain Root Beer.


Im sure Ive had this root beer. It is sold at the Root Beer Store. From different sources it has a wintergreen and licorice taste. The Londell’s website thinks it uses sugar beets and not natural sugar.


The Erick’s website places it in the “not so good” root beer. Also on the website it says that Berghoff, Virgil’s, and Triple XXX are “not so good” when they are pretty good.

Rocky Mountain Root Beer was the idea that started it all. We wanted to make the best flavored, all natural root beer available. We set out to create a flavor that evokes memories of the old West. Think warm vanilla and caramel notes that glide along a creamy cloud of delicious sassafras flavor. We also add a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg to give a grounded earthiness that ends with a spicy finish. We hope you enjoy the end result of our quest to create the best root beer made. (Rocky Mountain Root Beer website)

The Erick’s root beer site also says Rocky Mountain is like Judge Wapner
and the Waialua Soda Works, which are really bad.


Rocky Mountain Root Beer is a “C” root beer. Put it in a cold glass of
ice cream and make a root beer float. It is hard to “beet” that.

Drink Up!

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