Jones Root Beer Seattle


Driving up north to Seattle from the Root Beer Stores surrounding Seattle
Jones Root Beer is originally from Canada. Its was know for its unique
labors as it taste.


Made with pure cane sugar and featuring the most unique packaging in the beverage industry, Jones Soda is a one of a kind premium soda known for its bold, unique flavors, colors, and ever changing labels submitted by our consumers. Jones Soda is truly your brand!

Created in Vancouver, BC in 1995 from the vision of Jones Soda founder, Peter van Stolk, and photographer/designer Victor John Penner, Jones was launched with the idea of incorporating random photographs onto our bottles using shots taken by Penner. But when consumers began submitting their own photos, we quickly realized that user sourced participation made the brand even more special. (Jones Soda Home page)


Our flavor lineup includes traditional favorites like Root Beer, Cream Soda & Orange & Cream, but we also offer tasty, unique options such as Blue Bubblegum, Green Apple, Strawberry Lime and Fufu Berry. And of course, we are always working on new, limited release ideas to keep our fans smiling. Who can forget Turkey & Gravy Soda or Bacon Soda? And most recently, we introduced Poutine Soda, which was a big hit with our Canadian fans up north!

Drink Up!

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