The Root Beer Store

via Welcome to The Root Beer Store™ | The Root Beer Store.

We get into the Root Beer Truckster and drive up Interstate Hwy 5 past Tacoma and drive East on Hwy 512 until you get to Puyallup, Washington.
This is where I visited the Root Beer a year ago with my son and daughter-in-law. I send for root beers every few months for something different.



There are apparently four stores. There were only three stores a year ago. I hope thats means they are doing well enough to expand. There is a store in Tacoma, Lynnwood, Redmond, and Puyallup. The Root Beer Store we visited
was right off Hwy 512 in a little strip mall.


You can buy t-shirts, hats, and other root beer stuff. It was pretty much like root beer Mecca for me. It was right up there with visiting the Pop Shop in Frederick, Maryland, for finding different root beers. Take a train, fly, drive or run to your nearest Root Beer Store. Its fun.

Drink Up!

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