Root Beer in the Comics I

Root beer makes it into the comics now and again. Snoopy is the big
root beer fan. There is a site, but it rarely
mentions root beer in the comics. It just has root beer in the title.


In this case you have a Roman Catholic/Root Beer comic. The kids are making fun of their Dad because he is giving up beer for Lent. I gave up
root beer for Lent last year. I stayed up until 12:01 the next morning to have a chilled root beer the first moment I could.


I can’t say it better myself. Snoopy generally has a root beer before taking on the Red Baron or has a drink after he gets back to his airbase.


I sense sarcasm in this comic. The author of this comic is saying that
root beer today would have some wierd name today and not root beer. Personally, I think you are more in trouble saying at a party, “I think Ill have some Coke”, more than you would say root beer. Just sayin’.

Drink Up!

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