Portland, Oregon Root Beer


Thomas Kemper Root Beer

The new recipe from the Thomas Kemper folks after having abandoned their Pure Draft original recipe … The Body has a noticeable honey flavor that’s a little fruity, which happens with some honeys. It tastes mildly of sassafras and there’s some vanilla in there as well. It’s nice but the flavors are not very strong. The Bite is more like a nibble with a smallest bit of spice. Yet, it isn’t really smooth. The Head is very tall and frothy as is should be, enough to get some bonus points. The Aftertaste is a light vanilla with some cane sugar and honey going on, but not nearly enough I’m afraid. This one is rather bland; Sweet but bland. They should have stuck with the original.


Driving north from Eugene into Portland, Oregon, you arrive in a city of bridges. Thomas Kemper is a strong root beer with a sharp taste of ginger.
It is a refreshing root beer. I like the mixture of ginger and honey.
The honey is a nice aftertaste.

Portland is a city of bridges. It seems each major river is a different
color. Portland is also the site for the filming of Grimm the television
show. It is too bad a cant find any picture of Grimm characters drinking
root beer.


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