History | Steelhead or Bulldog



Driving our Root Beer Truckster from the San Francisco Bay area northward
to get back on Hwy 5 and drive for a long time past Mnt. Shasta and into Oregon. When you get to Eugene, Oregon you have arrived at the home of
Steelhead Root Beer.


Five local far-sighted businessmen had the idea to open a brewpub in Eugene, Oregon. They came from diverse backgrounds: Two were commercial real estate developers, one was a shoe importer, one was in the hotel business, one had a lumber background, one was a banker, one was an accountant, and two were restauranteurs. I know that adds up to more than five, but their backgrounds were so diverse that several had experience in more than one kind of business. Having a broad variety of business experience in the ownership ranks can only help a fledgling business of any kind to survive and prosper. And indeed, Steelhead Brewing Company has done so.

via History | Steelhead Brewing Company.


Steelhead Root Beer

The Body is wonderful. Lots of honey, vanilla, and the other essential flavors. Sweet and creamy, the kind of flavor you could just snuggle up to if that were possible. The Bite is not much but sufficient. The whole thing has a very rich and smooth mouth feel from the maltodextrin. The Head is medium height and very foamy. It forms increasingly larger bubbles as it begins to fade and lasts a good while. The Aftertaste is of vanilla and honey and very pleasing though a little sticky. If this seems similar to Bulldog, it’s because the flavors are indistinguishable in a blind taste test. The bottlers even confirm the recipes are nearly identical. Only the Head is different, with Steelhead always superior.

Apparently the foam in the Head of the root beer is the only difference in the two root beers, Bulldog and Steelhead. Since there is almost no difference in the taste we have a fish-dog root beer.

Drink Up!

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