Bulldog Root Beer, Fresno Root Beer


The bottle’s label features the restaurant’s beloved mascots, Barley and Hops, plus the slogan, “Unleash the Taste,” coined by Shegerian’s 15-year-old daughter, Cortney. The cardboard bottle holder also bestows thanks to Fresno State’s Sid Craig School of Business Entrepreneurial Program for its help in launching the venture. A portion of the root beer’s proceeds will be donated to the program. Shegerian said it took at least eight months for him, master brewer Teri Fahrendorf and taste tasters to come up with the right combination of ingredients. Among the choice items in Bulldog Root Beer are pure vanilla and California honey.

via Bulldog Root Beer – Articles – Root of a Trend.


If you drive South on Hwy 99, you will eventually arrive in Fresno, California. In 1997 Bulldog Root Beer was founded by John Shegerian. He had his Bulldog Brewery Companany as a restaurant at Fig Garden Shopping Center in Fresno, California. The unique thing about this company and root beer was its connection with the University of Fresno. A business class
did the promoting of the root beer. It was eventually bought out and is based somewhere else, but its basically a Fresno Root Beer.


You can still buy Bulldog at SaveMart stores in Fresno, and Costco. I usually buy it at World Expo Markets or BevMo, sold in Gilroy, Seaside, and San Jose, California. It is still one of the best root beers in the United States. It is really smooth and has a great vanilla taste.

And Im biased since I want to Fresno State.

Drink Up!

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