Sparky’s Root Beer of Pacific Grove

By Corby Anderson

It started out as a refreshing experiment, conceived in the mind of a constant tinkerer and brewed in a backyard kettle. Once formulated, the elixir found a dedicated local customer base the old-fashioned way – handed from its creators, Kevin and Carol Knox of Pacific Grove, to local consumers, one frothy mug at a time.

via The Pacific Grove saga of Sparky’s Root Beer renaissance. – Monterey County Weekly: Food & Wine.

Sparky's 2

The above article is from the Weekly “Bleakly” of Monterey County. Its a liberal rag that usually has something depressing to say about the Monterey County and has a “hook up” section for lonely people at the back of this free newspaper.

Sparky’s was and is pretty exciting. I first discovered it back in the 90’s and our family had a Sparky’s Christmas with all of us getting a Sparky’s “chilled” root beer bottle to drink while we opened presents.


Its got some of the best ingredients any root beer has ever had in a root beer. With that said, its complicated. There are so many ingredients you can put in water. Yesterday, I tried a root beer from Coney Island that is a beer. Its got licorice and ginger along with alcohol. Its a heavy taste.
I dont recommend root beers that are beers for the same reason. Root Beers get complicated since they have already over 20 ingredients in the soda.
Keep adding ingredients and the taste gets really heavy. Great root beers are focused on a major taste. Hanks, Bulldog, Virgil’s, and Surf City all have a major taste: honey, ginger, licorice, vanilla. Sparky’s tries to be Hanks, Bulldog, Virgil’s, and Surf City all at once. That is complicated.


I recommend this as a dinner root beer. Drive to Hollister, California and eat at the Running Roster. It has cheeseburgers with apple slices in it.
I complicated root beer goes well with a complicated cheeseburger. Or there is Mug Root Beer. Which is our next root beer up the Central Coast
in San Francisco.

Drink Up!

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