Driving the Root Beer Truckster on Hwy 101 North

In the June edition of Sunset Magazine there is an article about local sodas. Local for Sunset Magazine is within 1,000 miles, as long as its west of the Mississippi River.

“Pithy Little Wine Co., winery also makes its own old-fashion small-batch soda in flavors like cream soda, black cherry, and root beer- all using
real cane sugar.”

When Meg and I visited the location in downtown Paso Robles, California, they had one bottle of root beer (warm) and the person behind the counter
gave us a taste in a paper cup.


That’s a pretty small batch.


Next we will drive up to Pacific Grove and the Montery Bay area and check out Sparky’s. I found it at the BevMo’s in Gilroy. But Im still trying to
get in touch with 101 Root Beer. The BevMo’s in Gilroy doesn’t carry it anymore and the website gave me some info. I’ll keep you in touch.

Drink Up!

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