Vacation The Root Beer Trip Across America

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Since Summer is coming to an end and Meg and I had just flown to Washington D.C./ Baltimore area and back, drinking root beers. I thought
Id create a “make believe” root beer trip across America.


We have had a series of Robert-Family-Movies and Vacations is the “ground zero” of Robert-Family-Movies, along with any movie with a light saber, Hobbit, or Indiana associated with the title. I noticed last night that
Disneyland with going to open a Star Wars section with a remake of an “outpost” on a Star Wars planet. Just saying.


Im thinking Meg and I can drive to visit local rare root beers like 101 Root Beer and Sparky’s, different restaurants that serve the root beers, cities where there are BevMo’s and the greatest store of all The Root Beer Store in the state of Washington.


Our trip wouldnt be complete without visiting the Pop Shop in Frederick, Maryland, which has Thunder Beast. We can drive to Boston where there is some good root beers and Chicago.

So we will see what we see.

Drink Up!

One thought on “Vacation The Root Beer Trip Across America

  1. Meg here–Robert is out and about, but the over 100 heat has maimed me, if not outright killed me. So–I chose to drink, as my first beverage of the day, not coffee, but my personal favorite Diet A & W. I would weigh 5 gazillion pounds if I drank regular root beer, so I stick to diet root beer. Maybe I will do a guest post on those! Now, back to my lair, with fans to move the hot air around.


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